Selasa, 16 Februari 2010

Aurelie Moeremans Diduga Jadi Korban Eksploitasi

Current info about news is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest news info available.
Perjalanan karier bintang film JINX, Aurelie Alida Marie, atau yang lebih dikenal dengan sebutan Aurelie Moeremans, tampaknya tidak bisa terlalu bebas di dunia entertainment, karena Aurelie masih terikat kontrak eksklusif dengan Multivision Plus.

Dalam kontrak tersebut, Aurelie wajib menyelesaikan 256 episode, namun sejak terakhir syuting sinetron HITAM-PUTIH pada bulan Agustus 2009, Aurelie tidak lagi mendapat job sinetron. Sementara Aurel sendiri tidak boleh menerima kontrak kerja dengan production house lain.

Menurut Aries Merdeka Sirait, selaku ketua Komnas Perlindungan Anak, terkait dengan UU Ketenagakerjaan No. 13 tahun 2003, PH yang menaungi Aurel tersebut bisa dituntut pidana karena telah menyalahi UU Ketenagakerjaan tersebut.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole news story from informed sources.

"Setelah mempelajari kontraknya bukan, hanya Aurel dengan salah satu PH saja, banyak kontrak-kontrak yang melanggar 2 Undang-Undang. UU Ketenagakerjaan No. 13 tahun 2003 tentang perlindungan anak mengembangkan bakat dan minat itu bisa dipidana. Seharusnya kontrak itu mencantumkan itu," tegas Aries.

"Kalau kontrak misalnya tidak mencantumkan isi UU Ketenagakerjaan yang menyebutkan hanya boleh 3 jam sehari syuting atau bekerja, lalu tidak boleh malam hari dan tidak dicantumkan, kontrak itu seharusnya batal demi hukum," sambung Aries saat ditemui di Komnas Perlindungan Anak Jl. TB Simatupang No. 33 Jakarta Timur, Selasa (16/2).

Lebih lanjut Aries menjelaskan pihak PH tersebut telah menyalahi kontrak perjanjian karena telah melakukan eksploitasi terhadap Aurel yang masih berusia 16 tahun. Untuk itu perjanjian yang dilakukan oleh pihak Aurel dan PH itu bisa gugur demi hukum jika menyalahi kontrak.

"Yang kedua, UU Perlindungan Anak pasal 10. Kontrak itu tidak mendengarkan si pelaku isi kontrak itu, si pelaku di sini Aurel, dia tidak punya hak ngomong apa-apa. Dia harus patuh sama kontrak, maka kedatangan Aurel dan ibunya ke sini kita lihat ada praktek-praktek eksploitasi dan tidak ada pilihan ini harus dilakukan. Menurut saya itu bisa distop kontrak itu kalau melanggar UU, batal demi hukum," pungkas Aries. (kpl/wwn/bun)

Knowing enough about news to make solid, informed choices cuts down on the fear factor. If you apply what you've just learned about news, you should have nothing to worry about.

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  1. Hello to those who deserve it, **** to the others.

    I have been absent from this forum for a few days, but then to come back. What you read here will be sent to the famous team of journalists*, and to Hadi Supeno of KPAI.

    I wrote this to my daughter :
    "Look at the situation you find yourself :
    your education is stalled
    your career is stalled
    your social activities are stalled
    your family relationships are stalled
    your life is stalled.
    Just ask yourself : " Since when, from whom ?
    Ask yourself the question, ask yourself the question, ask yourself the question ..."
    I also wrote :
    " You want to marry ? Ok, you can marry who you want, whenever you have a degree in hand, and whenever the marriage is concluded under the regime of separate property."

    Aurélie returns again and again with his outrageous fabrications about the fact that she would be beaten by her mother ...
    To recall, she has always claimed to have a visual witness that can attest to : the pembantu, yes, the same pembantu who
    " swore on the Koran " that is was her own boyfriend who has paid the hotel where she was taken by the manip'...
    And yes, the same manip' which today " swears on the Bible to have done it after obtaining our consent ... "
    Poor God...

    I've already mentioned the file built by the manip' and her Stockholm's victim :
    one or more pictures (I have not seen) of her eye already swollen by a cold, which has been thoroughly rubbed and rubbed ... in her bedroom where she locks herself up, to let it swell more and more, before taking a picture of it ... in front of me !

    Today, she "came out" with a new photo ( you can see here ) that she calls a "proof "... Where we see a young girl who has tears in her eyes, a photo taken on the roof of their building. What a proof !
    Simple question : who took this picture ?
    Aurelie herself, the famous Koran-witness-pembantu, or the Bible-manip' himself ?
    This is called : premeditation of forgery...
    This will obviously be also true for any other photo-editing with staging : past, present or future ...
    Also this, one day she had completely worn me out, I yelled :
    "I could kill that guy !"
    Today she tells everywhere and everyone that I have the real intention of killing him ...
    And she tries everything to make me confirm this in writing ... To add it to " the file "...
    Be assured, this turd does not deserve one of my slaps ...


  2. The director of the Sinetron firm of Aurélie ( where she had to be replaced in a sinetron, because of she is now so incapable of getting it...) has the same - logic - view as that of the Director of KPAI : studies are the more important thing.
    He therefore agreed to adapt her schedule of the shooting, to allow her to go to school, like any girl of her age.
    It is to note that Aurélie has already 3 years behind now on the regular school curriculum...
    1) We found out through the negative experience about Belgian homeschooling, that Aurélie did not have the necessary discipline for homeschooling.
    2) The act of going to school like everyone else, would let her meet again young people of her age, to regain a normal social life.

    We informed the manager of this company - and their lawyers - as follows :
    1) we wanted to block 80% of her salary, on her name alone, in a bank account to which she - and she alone - can access on the day of her 21 years.
    2) we propose to fill the position of manager of Aurélie (any other manager would cost her at least 30% of her earnings, + prime of this, + costs of that ...) for only 10% of her earnings.
    Of course we would like to be able to do it for free...
    This simply allowed us to survive, until we can start something by ourselves... And this not reimburse me - far from it - for amounts already invested in heavy sunk costs...
    The remaining 10% would be devoted to the charges of the driver, car, fuel, daily life, her pocket money...
    Is this what you are calling exploitation, you kind of a bastard ?
    It should be noted also, very important, that despite the fact that Aurélie has come to Indonesia only to attempt a career, we are not forcing her to do anything. It's her own - free - choice.

    Since all this :
    * marriage allows upon obtaining a degree, and if the marriage is concluded under the regime of separate property
    * going to school like everyone else, and therefore being able to meet young people of her age, who might let her come out of her torpor
    * 10% of her salary to allow her family to continue living in Indonesia
    do not fit into the plans of the manip', he gave her new instructions.
    To the detriment of her career, to the detriment of her life...
    And this is just further proof that this guy has absolutely no regard either for her career, nor for her life...
    What she fails to understand ...

  3. New instructions :
    Just as she had already exercise a blackmail on her music producer, she now exerts a similar blackmail on us :
    "I do not believe you will block 80% of my salary to my name... Anyway, I will not work if I may not stay and live all alone in Jakarta, and I refuse to go to school... "
    She repeats again " her " desire to be taken over by the state of Indonesia (a solution that could get our agreement IF AND ONLY IF she is there prohibited from owning a mobile phone or a BB ...)

    In your opinion, who is behind all this ?

    If a lawyer - worthy of the name - reads this and feels himself inspired by the duty to make this guy up to where he should be : behind bars - please, contact me...

    Breaking news:
    someone from the HP Blessing called the mother of Aurélie, to propose her an advertisement for the soap Giv.
    My wife asked Aurélie if she might be interested.
    Aurélie replied clearly to her mother : " no ". (Our 9 year old son is witness).
    That person then asks the details of Aurelie's BB, to speak with her directly. My wife gives the coordinates of her BB.
    Aurélie then argues that she did not say "no" but " account " ... insulting her mother with the nice word "Biitchh" .
    (Our 9 year old son is witness again)

    My wife then speaks again with this same person from the HP Blessing.
    And that person then asked my wife : "Are you sure it's always you who are caring for Aurélie, because I have often heard, and from several sources, it is now Tremonti-Sutanto-Manip'-Douchebag which is her manager ... "

    So, the geniuses, do you begin to understand the real meaning of the word " manipulasi " ?